Improve Your Spinal Health

Get chiropractic care and spinal alignment in Old Town, ME

Misaligned joints can cause discomfort and physiological issues, including neck and back pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and ear infections. Thankfully, you may find relief when you get chiropractic care at Riversedge Chiropractic Wellness Center in Old Town, ME. We use safe, nonsurgical therapy that focuses on your spine and joints and their connection to your nervous system.

Once a treatment plan has been established, your chiropractor will place you in different positions on the adjusting table and perform a series of manual impulses to all affected joints. This releases pressure on the joint and aligns muscles and joints so they work the way they're supposed to.

Often, the impulse applied to the joints causes an audible cracking sound, called cavitation, which occurs when nitrogen gas that is naturally dissolved within the joint fluid becomes a gas for a short time. This happens when the joint opens up and the correct motion and function are restored.

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What can you expect from your appointment?

We use spinal manipulation techniques to fix misalignment and ease your symptoms. When you come to us for a spinal alignment, we'll:

  • Complete a musculoskeletal examination and analyze your gait
  • Discuss your symptoms and health history
  • Go over all treatment options, including manual adjustment, light force adjustment, table or Thompson drop adjustment and instrument adjustment
  • Perform the appropriate adjustment on all your affected joints
We may also incorporate other treatment methods, like using ice, moist heat or electric stimulation, to assist in pain relief. Call our chiropractic care center now at 207-827-5951 to discuss your treatment goals.