Improve Your Mobility and Range of Motion

Offering spinal range of motion testing in Old Town, ME

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Is mobility of your upper or lower back an issue? Get to the root of the problem with spinal range of motion testing. When you make an appointment with a specialist at Riversedge Chiropractic Wellness Center, we'll explain our diagnostic process in detail. Using a combination of posture testing and visual assessment, we'll determine where your range of motion is compromised.

Get spinal range of motion testing from a reputable chiropractor in Old Town, ME today.

Do you know your body's pain levels?

A MyoVision diagnostics test can shed light on your body's pain levels. Using advanced technology, we'll determine the areas of your body that are tense or most susceptible to pain, along with your natural tolerance. This testing option is approved by the Food and Drug Administration and offers accurate results that you can use to create a custom treatment plan.

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